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Phobia of the Week #1

Here it is! The first Phobia of the Week.

Venustraphobia: Also known as caligynephobia, this is the fear of beautiful women, and may be caused by low self-confidence or putting too much pressure on appearances.

I don’t know about you, but that Megan Fox-whew, is she scary! Forget Transformers! That woman should have been on Chainsaw Massacre!

P.S. If this is your first time visiting, I’d go and check out my Welcome and Introduction (found in archives) if I were you.


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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here, and cannot wait to get started on this adventure with you.

I’m here because I want to face my fears. Look them full in the face, and watch them flee. To see what God can do when I trust in him. I’m here because I want to see not only my life changed, but yours, too. Because even though I have many fears and this blog will be mainly about addressing them, I’m pretty sure you have fears too. My hope is that my struggles, triumphs, and challenges encourage you on your own journey to defeat your fears, and that they may show you you’re not alone.

Every month I will try to face at least one fear on my list (things I have never tried, because I’ve been afraid to) and will chronicle what happens until I reach an outcome. Whether good or bad, conquered or not, I can’t say. You’ll find out when I do how it went.

Which leads me to a promise I have to make: I will be honest. This blog in itself is going to be a little scary for me, because I am going to be vulnerable as I have never been before. As open as I will ever want to be again, and as honest as I can get. Why? Because you deserve it. A lie or glossing over what’s actually going on inside me will help neither you nor me. So again, I give you this promise: I will be honest.

Let me also introduce you to a couple features I will have regularly here, and that I hope you soon become familiar with:

Your Turn.        Your Turn will be just that. This will be your turn to be the blogger! It will be every couple of posts, and your opportunity to tell me what you’re thinking. I will ask a question and it will be up to you, my readers, to answer. Without you, there won’t be a post worth reading. Sometimes it may be a question on a recent post I’ve written (I promise it won’t be a quiz), at others it may just be  about what you are facing in your life right now. Reply by commenting. This will be your turn to shine and give your opinion!

Phobia of the Week.     Weird and wacky phobias that gave me a giggle or had me scratching my head! This feature will appear weekly.

-Shot of Courage.        Quotes, verses, and true stories of outstanding courage. This will  be every couple of posts, or within a post.

Be on the lookout for polls also!

Eventually, I want to be like the little girl in the picture above. Have you ever noticed how unworried and carefree children are? It’s like they know something we don’t… like there’s a world we’re completely missing, because we’re too busy living life to discover it. I have to ask: then are we really living?

That little girl represents everything I want to become. I chose this picture because she’s doing everything I wouldn’t because of my fears. She’s dancing in the rain. At this point, I would never do anything like that. For one, I’m a terrible dancer. I would be terrified someone would come along and make fun of me. And that’s with music! She’s twirling to the rhythm of her own heartbeat. She’s doing it in the rain. I would be petrified of getting soaked. What if I caught a cold? Not to mention ruining my hair. Then the fact that she’s out in the middle of the street! Obviously her parents were not very strict on the “hold my hand” principle.

As you can see, all my life I have been dominated by my fears. They have kept me from enjoying life, trying new things, and living the awesome life God planned for me to have. But they have held me back for one year too long. I’m ready to watch them fall as soundly as Goliath when David threw the stone. Are you ready?

Are you ready to watch your fears flee at the set of your jaw and just the mention of the Savior’s name? To have your fears flee at the sight of you, rather than you flee at the sight of them? To dance in the rain? Then join me, one day at a time, on an adventure you won’t regret.

It’s time for fear to take a step back.

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