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My sweet new friend Xochi Dixon was kind enough to feature me as a guest writer on her website through the months of March and April! You’re welcome to stop by if you get the chance to take a look: http://www.xedixon.com/authors/elizabeth-veldboom/.

Make sure you also take the time to check out Xochi’s own awesome writing ministry. Xochi is currently conducting an amazing online women’s Bible study through her website that I’ve been involved in for about three months now. It’s amazing what getting daily into the Word of God can do to you! If  you have been wanting to read your Bible more, have questions, or just haven’t had the time to join a Bible study before, this could be the place for you! If you would be interested in joining, contact me at anytime for more details at thefearlist@hotmail.com, or simply leave a comment.You can also learn more by clicking the “Bible Study” tab on Xochi’s website.

Hoping to see you there,



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First off, a funny story! Recently on Facebook I was invited to an event called the “Empty Streets Movement.” On a certain date, everyone was invited to quit driving for a day in support of World Environment Day. The description talked about it being a sacrifice, but a sacrifice worth making. Once I realized what it was, I was overcome with a fit of giggles. 

Sure, I’ll attend! That shouldn’t be a problem, considering I don’t have my license and have done it pretty much every day of my life so far.

In case you were wondering: yes, it was a sacrifice, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for the betterment of mankind.

So I guess there is a positive to me not driving yet: I’m saving trees. Which is bad news for the dendrophobes out there!

Actually, I did go driving on Saturday, which makes it three days so far that I’ve successfully driven and faced my fear. A small number, but a number nonetheless! At this point, I’m a little disappointed in myself, but also re-energized. My goal was to begin this year driving at least three days a week, and I’ve come nowhere near that goal yet. It’s a little embarrassing to say I’ve only gone driving three times when it should be more like nine, but I also feel pretty good. Although it’s hard to see it on the outside, on the inside, I’ve been making progress.

I’m determined to make a change. I can see myself conquering my fear, and want to, which is something I couldn’t say before. So if you guys are praying, keep it up, because they’re working! I appreciate everyone’s support so much, and I’ll need it until this fear gets beat!

It also feels so, so good to be doing something about my fear. Instead of ignoring the problem, I’m addressing it. I’m fighting it rather than just living with it-if only a few days at a time. I feel like I can hold my head high even when people look at me like I’m the weirdest thing since ET, because I’m trying. I won’t be this way forever. Even though they can’t see it yet, I can, and I know it’s a journey. They see a bump in the road; I see a destination. I guess I don’t feel as helpless as before because I’ve begun to realize that I’m not helpless. I can do something about this fear. And I am.

 I realize I have a long way to go. I need to get to those three days a week, so I can eventually get to seven. That’s why the next couple of weeks I’m going to really focus on getting those three days of driving in. And mark my words-I’ll get there!

Now that I’ve gotten over that initial hurdle of getting back behind the wheel, it’s time to be consistent and stay with it. That’s probably going to be the toughest part. I’ve made “comittments” before to learn how to drive, only to have them fizzle out a week later. I can’t let that happen again.

That’s part of the reason I put driving on The Fear List. Blogging helps keep me accountable, because I know all y’all are there, anxiously awaiting  my updates like the news from a presidential election! (Just joking. I know I’m way cooler than any president.) It’s funny, though… when it was just driving, I was not motivated at all. When I’m driving so I can write about it, suddenly I’m motivated! Add writing, and I’m in.

Saturday’s drive went really well. My dad took me on a new route I’d never driven before. It was a really nice, really pretty change of scenery. It was a lot of fun going somewhere new, but the topper was having my dad feel comfortable enough to let me on the highway. That was really exciting. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen my speedometer get up to 75! I felt more like an actual driver, and like I’d accomplished something and was making progress. Later, a police car went whizzing past me-note: past me, to pull someone over who wasn’t going the speed limit. I could have been the one being pulled over! But luckily, I wasn’t the problem driver this time. I was dutifully going the speed limit!

So Saturday held a few accomplishments for me, which is good. All I gotta say? Mario Andretti ain’t got nothin’ on me!

… Well, except for that little thing about “impressive driving skills.”  But other than that!

Fear Tip: My pastor has a favorite saying that goes like this: “The problem isn’t that you’re doing the wrong thing; it’s that you’re doing the right thing, not long enough.”  Most people’s problem isn’t that they’re doing the wrong thing-it’s that they’re doing the right thing, but they give up too soon. They give up on their dream, or on continuing to work hard, or praying, or seeing their fear conquered, because it seems pointless. They’re doing the right things, they just quit before they get to their breakthrough. Stay persistent, and remember Elijah. He prayed not once, but seven times for rain to come. And it finally did! (1 Kings 18.)

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 Gamophobia: Gamophobia refers to the fear of marriage.

You know who came up with this phobia? A man. 😉

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‘Cause it’s been fear that ties me down to everything, but it’s been love, your love that cuts the strings. So long status quo, I think I just let go, you make me want to be brave. The way it always was, is no longer good enough, you make me want to be brave.

So goes the lyrics from one of my favorite songs by Nichole Nordeman. At one time, it matched so perfectly to what I was going through in my situation in life, that it became a prized possession. Have you ever had that happen? Heard a song or a story that ministered to you in such a deep way to your spirit that it almost became a part of you? Certain songs in certain situations can do that to you, and this one resonated a deep soul chord within me.

I had come to the realization that fear was running my life. Everything I wanted to do, everything I dreamt about and wanted to reach for, fear kept me from doing. As the song says, I just felt tied down by fear. I wanted to soar! I wanted to let go and live my life! But fear chained me down from chasing my dreams and living the fun, abundant life God had promised me. One day I decided enough was enough. God was calling me to greater things, and I wanted to live my life for Him! I wanted to do great things for Him, living life unshackled by empty threats of fear from the devil. I didn’t care about the whispers of doubt that came from his black lips. In a word, learning more about God’s power and love made me want to be brave.

And as the song says later:

I am small and I speak when I’m spoken to, but I am willing to risk it all. I say your name, just your name, and I’m ready to jump, even ready to fall.

I was falling head over heels in love with God and learning so much about His character as I drew closer to Him, that I wanted to do whatever He asked of me. I was learning that He could take care of me, and I knew that with Him by my side I could do anything. For nothing is impossible with God! (Luke 1:37.) I felt ready to jump for him without knowing what the consequences would be when I landed. Would I land on solid ground? Would it be safe? I didn’t care! Just even the sound of His name filled me with courage, because I knew the God behind the name.

In a moment I’ll share a portion of what I wrote in my journal during that time, but first let me give you some background on the entry. It was my junior year of high school and the world with all its choices was looming ahead of me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, where I was going to go, or who I wanted to be. Suddenly, I wondered: would I ever become anyone? What if I was the defect who’d never make it in the assembly line of life, but found her way to the trash instead? I cried out in fear to God, and He answered swiftly. He covered me in His love and peace, and let me know that He would not let me go to waste. I was not a product of some factory-I was His masterpiece. He placed His calling on my life and told me He’d take me somewhere. He put a vision into my heart of being an inspirational speaker and writer, and telling others about Him. And I believed Him. I didn’t believe in any qualities I possessed, but boy, I believed Him. If He wanted me to be a speaker, I’d jump for Him!

Here’s that entry to give you a little more insight:

December 7, 2008:

” …If that was Your promise, then I believe it. You don’t break your promises. Even though I have no idea how you’ll do it through shy, scared, sinful, and awkward me, still I know that if you promised it, it’ll happen. Do you really have things to say through me? If so, then oh Lord, how you have blessed me! Just to be given the privilege to speak your name… Lord, that is why I will not be afraid. If this is Your plan and this is what I’ll end up doing, then here’s the reason I will do it: for You. Not for me-but just to speak Your name and to give glory to it. To hear the name of Jesus resound and reverberate off the walls… that sweet and powerful name, the only one under which we can be saved. That is why I will be bold and unafraid… because it will be for you, and not for me. Because it will be you and not me. As it says in your Word, Lord God, what you have whispered in my ear I will proclaim from the rooftops. That is why I will not be afraid, because what You have whispered to me is too good and too important to miss, and others need to hear about it. No matter how inexperienced and unqualified I may be, I’m not the point-you are. I will not laugh as Sarah did Lord God, if this is your promise. Though it all seems so impossible to me, I know that what is impossible with man is possible with You.”

I miss the bravery this entry reflects… I miss the intimacy I once had with God. You can hear the melody all throughout this entry… the love song of a daughter playing back the love song of her Father. But life happens and trust and faith like this sometimes dissolve. God and I still have a relationship, as we always will. I still love Him, and I know He still loves me. But my song has become more of a dirge of late. I can never be enough, I’m too scared, it will never happen, how could God use me?

That is dangerous thinking, my friends. I want to be jealous once more for God! I want to draw close again. I want the dying embers in my heart to stir again into a blazing fire! I want to speak for Him again. Really, I want to be brave for Him again!

A few final thoughts from Nichole Nordeman:

I’ve never known a fire that didn’t begin with a flame, and every storm will start with just a drop of rain. But if you believe in me, that changes everything.

Believe in God, and it will change everything.

How about it? Does God and His Word make you want to be brave? It should. If not, like me, you may have forgotten who God is. For when you are truly in His presence, He can inspire only fire, passion, bravery, and courage. I close with the earnest prayer that we will all learn how to be brave for the God who made us. Remember: the desire to be brave can be like a spark. One flame can set the whole forest ablaze.

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Phobia of the Week #25

Dendrophobia: People with this phobia have the fear of trees.

Well, as far as I know I’ve never heard of a tree attack. I have to admit, though… I would be incredibly frightened if a tree just up and ran after me.  But I don’t think it would ever happen. I’ve heard they’re very rooted in their ways.

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Study time!


Genuphobia is the fear of knees.

What?! Afraid of  knees? Without knees, we wouldn’t have shorts! Without knees, we wouldn’t have cool phrases like, “The bee’s knees.” Without knees, we couldn’t kneel down! Oh, and there is that little thing called walking.

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Nervous Niece-Day 2

So apparently I make my niece nervous when I drive. One little playhouse, and then it takes forever to gain their trust back. 😉

For those of you just joining, I am currently in pursuit of item number five on my list of things I’m scared to do, and it is this: to get my driver’s license.

Technically, day two of driving was actually a week ago today-last Thursday, for those of you who are bad at math. My first drive getting back behind the wheel went very well, and I am now convinced that’s because I was the only one on the road. To get used to driving again, my dad and I took a quiet back road. There were a couple random cars and a few elated school bus drivers who’d dropped off their last load of kids and were now racing each other to see who had the baddest bus, but other than that we mostly had the road to ourselves.

This second drive was in town. In town I just feel ten times more tense. There’s so many things to be paying attention to! Lights, stop signs, intersections, other drivers. Right now it’s pretty overwhelming, but I expect the more I do it the easier it’ll get. Even though I was a lot more stressed, I think it went pretty well. I went all through town taking my dad on errands, parking all cool, and even picked up my niece from preschool.

But may I mention how hard it is to drive with a five-year-old in the car? You wanna talk distractions? My niece can talk distractions! At first, she started out all innocent. (Don’t they always?) She was really sweet and told me all about her day. Then she started ordering me to drive to places like Subway or the library or the park. When I said no, she started whining. When she started whining, she kicked off her shoes. Not liking the answer she was getting, she asked again to go to Subway. I said no.

So when we arrived at Subway, I got her out of the car only to find out that my dad had committed the unforgivable sin of taking out her shoe laces so her feet could actually fit into her shoes. This was a regrettable error. From the time we ordered our sandwiches until the time we got home, little Mackenzie made it her duty to let us know how seriously we had erred.

The little darling herself, Mackenzie

Still, between all the distractions of town and my irritated niece, I still got us home safely and without incident. It ended up going well, but let’s just say I now understand why that notorious spanking hand comes out so often in the car! 

  On the way back home, my dad said something to me along the lines of, “I know you were nervous today about driving into town again and all that, but you really did do a good job.”

 Mackenzie took this opportunity to pipe up from  her car seat  to say  indignantly, “I’m nervous.”

Through my laughter I managed to ask, “You don’t like my driving, Kenz?”

“Nooooo,” she replied, shaking her head vigorously.

The entire way home, Mackenzie proceeded to tell me where to turn, when to go, and at what speed I should do it all at. When she saw a green light, she’d say, “Go, Lizzie.” If I didn’t do it quickly enough to suit her, she’d say it louder: “Go, Lizzie!”

“Turn there.”

“Slow, Liz. Little farther, little farther…good.”

So, in conclusion my dear friends, there is something worse than a backseat driver as I have found and it is called, “a car seat driver.”

I should know. 😉

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