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Pogonophobia: This phobia is the fear of beards.

I can’t make fun of this one because beards can really be scary. I mean, seriously. Especially those big, bushy kind. The only guy who could pull that off was Santa Claus.

Have you ever had a conversation with a wild beard man? It’s eerie. How can you even concentrate enough to talk?

“Hi, uh, massive amount of hair that’s talking to me.”

Moral of the story? Unless you’re the actual Santa Claus, acting like good ol’ Saint Nick for the children, or planning to run into the woods and become the next Sasquatch, just remember these words: Beards. Don’t do it.

P.S. You can still comment on “Your Turn #8, or Help Wanted.” Let me know if you have any suggestions for The Fear List or if there’s a way I can improve. I’d love to hear from ya!


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Hi all! I have a daily devotional about overcoming fear up on CBN.com for today and today only. I’d be honored if you stopped by! 


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Hey, guys! So today’s “Your Turn” is going to be a little bit different. First off, “Your Turn” is not going be called that anymore, but rather, “I Hear Ya.” Here’s why: “Your Turn” sounds like I only want to hear from you once in a while, when it’s “your turn.” But that’s so not the case! I want The Fear List to be a safe place, a community where we can help each other with our fears. I always love hearing from you guys, and want interaction to be a constant thing.

But I need your help. The Fear List was not created for me. It was created for you, my readers. Sure, I have some fears, but I know you do too. It’s a scary world we live in, and we all need some help and encouragement now and again. That’s what I strive to do here. I work hard to deserve the respect you’ve shown me by subscribing, and to be deserving of the time you offer me. But I am not blind to the fact that I have failed at that many a time. So today, I’d like your help in making The Fear List the best possible place for you.

This is your chance to air your complaints, vent your frustrations, or suggest something you’ve been wanting to see. Take hold of it, because it might be your only chance! 😉

Please take a few moments to give me your opinions so I can do the best possible job I can. I’m really hoping to hear from every single reader, even my “secret” or private ones. Even if you’ve never commented before, please comment today! I want to improve, but I can’t do that without hearing your thoughts. Please do not worry about offending me. I’m not looking for flattery; just honesty. But flattery is fine, too. 😉 Just tell me like it is so I can make The Fear List an even better experience for you.

Tell me what you’re not liking, or what you are liking. What’s something you want to see more of? What’s something you’d like to see less of? What’s something new you might like to see? Are there things you wouldn’t want me to change? What’s a fear or topic you would like to see me address?

As a reminder, here’s what I’ve been offering on a regular basis:

  • Phobias of the Week
  • Your Turn (now to be titled, “I Hear Ya”)
  • Guest Posts
  • Shots of Courage

Please honestly pick one of the following to submit with your answer:

After leaving The Fear List I feel:

  • Encouraged
  • Bored
  • Motivated
  • Other-please explain

Thank you all so much for honoring me with your readership, and I look forward to reading your comments below!

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Gah! The cuteness! How could you be afraid of something so cute?

Geniophobia: The fear of chins.

Chins, eh? So double chins must really throw you for a loop. What is that, like double the trouble? Twice the panic attack? Just stay away from buffets and you’ll be fine. At least with double chins. For normal chins… yeah, I got nothin’.

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Today I am pleased to present a guest writer with a heart of gold. Although Xochi and I have never officially met, we became friends through Facebook and I have been impressed with this woman ever since. Friendly and encouraging, don’t miss out on making Xochi’s acquaintance. Xochi is currently conducting an amazing online women’s Bible study, so contact me for more info or run by Xochi’s website to check it out: www.xedixon.com.  Let’s show her some love in the comments!

Fear of Trusting God

by Xochi Dixon

(Read Genesis 18:16-33; 19:1-26)

 When Abraham heard that God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, he immediately interceded. In mercy, the Lord allowed two angels to rescue Abraham’s nephew, Lot, and his family, with only one condition. There would be no looking back.

Lot’s family was following a trustworthy leader who promised they would be safe if they obeyed his instructions. But just as they were reaching the safety zone, Lot’s wife turned around and was transformed into a lifeless pillar of salt.

Although scripture doesn’t specify why Lot’s wife disobeyed, I can relate to the habit of looking back on things that should be left behind. For me, that bad habit is based on the fear of letting go and moving on.

When I am afraid to let go and move on, I try to control circumstances, wanting to avoid more pain, failure, or loss. When God is trying to deliver me, this fear prevents me from following Him in obedience and faith while moving forward. What I’ve come to realize, though, is that all fear translates to simply not trusting God.

Over the years, I’ve learned three things that help me overcome this paralyzing fear.

Get to know God intimately. The Lord reveals Himself through the way He works in and through the lives of His people in the Bible. Knowing His whole story, Genesis through Revelation, helps me remember who He is and what He’s capable of.

Be honest about my struggles. The power of fear is diminished when I come clean with God, showing that I trust Him to help me through all my circumstances.

Ask God to lead the way and help me trust as I follow Him one step at a time. When I focus on God’s sovereignty and love, I can learn to trust His character as I follow Him instead of being afraid of what lies around the corner.

Like Lot’s wife, I can become a pillar of salt, useless and bitter, if I allow my fears to keep me clinging to what needs to be left far behind. By seeking God daily in His Word and communicating with Him through prayer, I will be able to stop looking back on where I missed the mark and trust He is with me as He leads me forward.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT)




Xochi E. Dixon is an author, speaker and Bible Teacher who loves Jesus and digging into God’s Word. She is based in Northern California and is devoted to serving the Lord by encouraging women, teens and fellow writers through Life Psalms Ministries at www.xedixon.com.

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Euphobia: Euphobia is the fear of hearing good news.

Personally, I’d be more afraid of hearing bad news, but that’s just me.

Are you kidding me?! Some people…

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When I first started The Fear List I promised to be honest about what it took to conquer my fears. The good times, the bad times, conquered or not, I’d let you know. Well, I’m sorry to say I have one of the bad times to blog about today.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted about driving in a while. That’s because I haven’t been driving. I have nothing new to report this time, and that’s sad. I have no victories, triumphs, or progresses. Just a big low. If I were to chart my driving so far this year, there would be a few spikes up, and a big plunge down within the last month.

In the last post I wrote about driving, I predicted what would be my downfall: the hard part would be sticking to my new-found committment and staying persistent. Unfortunately, my prediction came true. I was content with my little success and slowly watched the tiny amount of progress I had deteriorate. It’s so easy to get comfortable again and settle into familiar habits. I justified not driving because I had a lot of writing projects going on. That was important, right? But when you stay home to write, you don’t get out to drive.

I was extremely frustrated the majority of last month because I felt like there were not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done. I felt overwhelmed with responsibilities, goals, wants, and needs. In my mind, writing, driving, and exercising sparred against family and friends. When it came to writing vs. my family and friends, how could I choose one love above another? Then throw in driving and exercising into the mix. Two things I hate to do. But I know better than anyone how much I need to drive. And to be healthy, I needed to start exercising again. But it seemed like every day I had to choose one thing over another. If I chose writing, I had to sacrifice time spent with my niece. If I chose exercising, I gave away driving in the morning. If I chose time spent with family and friends, I sacrificed a writing deadline. It was maddening!

I know you’re supposed to prioritize, but each seemed equally important. I didn’t know how to choose. Anyway, I’m sure you can guess what ended up at the bottom of my list of things to do.

But now I find myself back in the same place I started. Still nowhere near my goal of driving three days a week. I have no one to blame but myself. But I do not want to end this year without a license. I want this year to be different. Experts say it takes a total of thirty days to form a new habit. I was hoping to ease my way into driving, but maybe I just need to drive thirty days straight through. An experiment worth a shot, right? I don’t know, I might try it. Regardless, it’s time to get back behind the wheel again. I’m dusting myself off, and jumping off the ledge again. Will the commitment hold this time? Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing I know: I won’t give up until I win this thing, no matter how long it takes.

Fear Tip: Find someone to keep you accountable as you struggle against your fear. Certain fears-especially if they have been entertained for a long while-are hard to beat, and you’ll need some backup. Even the most self-disciplined can find themselves losing if they don’t have someone to keep them on track. For myself, I have found The Fear List to be great in keeping me accountable and motivating me to drive. If I don’t drive, then what do I have to write about? Pride plays a part, too. To fail would be like falling flat on your face with everyone watching. I don’t wanna do that.

If you haven’t been getting anywhere on your own, find an accountability partner. It might just be the extra kick in the pants you need.

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