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Tremophobia: This phobia is the fear of trembling.

Oh, wow. This phobia is so scary, I’m trembling in my shoes right now.

…Corny, right? *Sigh.* Back to the drawing board…


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Maybe God has placed an idea on your heart or a story that sings within you. Perhaps you’ve just discovered the call to be a writer, or maybe it’s been a lifelong dream of yours to be published. But after all the writing is done, you face the scary part: now what? How to get this published? Will anyone want to read it? I’d like to offer three quick steps I’ve found helpful in my own journey, and that I hope you will find helpful as well. Whether a fiction or nonfiction writer, articles are a great way to break into the market. First…
To read more, please visit Ritty’s Adventures in Writing where I am extremely humbled to be a guest writer. Check out my guest post “3 Steps to Selling Your First Article,” and browse around once you’re there! Rhonda (Ritty) provides some fabulous encouragement and resources for writers in all stages of the writing journey, so those of you who know the call of the pen won’t want to miss checking her blog out!
I’ll see ya there!

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So sorry, readers! Here’s last week’s phobia. I should hopefully be posting regularly again soon. Thank you for your patience!

Electrophobia: The fear of electricity.

Would ya look at that? And here I thought the Amish chose not to use electricity, when all along they’re just a colony of electrophobes! You learn something new every day.

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Due to a very busy week, I missed last week’s POW. So expect two this week instead!

Eleutherophobia: This phobia refers to the fear of freedom.

Yeah, that’s what the dictator said.

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