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I did it again! I missed last week’s phobia. I’ll blame it on how much driving I’ve been doing, and no one will be the wiser, eh?

No, last week was just incredibly busy. Just expect two POW’s this week, and I’ll get back on track soon!

Tapinophobia: This phobia refers to the fear of being contagious.

Awww, that would be so sweet…if it wasn’t so weird.


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Phonophobia: The fear of noises.

Any specific kind, or…? No? Oh, okay.

What kinda noises you be hearin’?!

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Metathesiophobia: The fear of changes.

Totally with ya on this one. I hate changes. You think I’m lying? Just get a new microwave. Then videotape my reaction.

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Please stop by It’s a Wonderful Fiction for a review on the book To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn.

To Die For is the story of Meg Wyatt; trusted confidante and childhood friend to the infamous Anne Boleyn. As Anne rises to power, she makes Meg the mistress of her wardrobe. However, Meg is about to be charged with caring for far more than just clothes: she may become the caretaker of Anne’s very life. In the cruel and fickle court of King Henry the VIII, Meg soon learns the cost of loyalty may come at a higher price than anyone ever imagined.

Add to that an impossible romance fraught with rich but unloved suitors, and you have on your hands a terrific story.

It was a tremendous read, and is now one of my personal favorites. If you love historical fiction, you won’t want to miss this one!

To learn more and catch an interview with the author, stop by www.ireviewchristianbooks.blogspot.com.

Thank you, and I’ll hope to see you there!

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So sorry, everyone! I just realized I forgot to post a Phobia of the Week last week. I guess you’ll just have to get two this week instead!

Without further ado, here’s last week’s:

Rhytiphobia: People who suffer from Rhytiphobia have the fear of wrinkles.

And that, kids, is how Botox was invented.

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Hello everyone! Please stop by It’s a Wonderful Fiction for an interview with author Sandra Byrd and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of To Die For: A novel of Anne Boleyn.

Told through the eyes of Anne’s best friend Meg Wyatt, it’s a fabulous read and one I’d highly recommend.

Go to www.ireviewchristianbooks.blogspot.com for the interview and find out why Sandra knew she wasn’t “cut out” to be a hairstylist.

A wonderful day to you, and I’ll see you at It’s a Wonderful Fiction!


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